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1.) Q.  Do you have to trench up my entire yard to install the irrigation system?
    A.  No, Kear Construction uses a vibritory plow to install the piping.  It gently slices the
         ground and feeds the pipe into the ground at the same time, causing minimal damage to the lawn.

2.) Q. If I install a system for my front yard this year will I be able to expand the system later?
    A. Todays controllers allow you to plan for additional zones being installed at a later date.

3.) Q. How long does it take to install an irrigation system?
    A. Installation times vary depending on size of the property and irrigation design.  An average property
        (quarter to half acre) can be installed from 1-4 days.

4.) Q. When and why do I need to winterize my irrigation system?
    A. Winterization must be performed prior to the first frost.  This will eliminate any damage to pipes
         heads and backflow device.

5.) Q. My landscaper cut one of the irrigation pipes putting in a tree.  Is it okay if he fixes it with duct tape?
    A. It is probably best if the trained professional fixes it with the correct fittings and tools.   Improper repairs can 
        cause loss in water pressure or dirt in the valves. 
Frequently Asked Questions Irrigantion
Irrigation Systems
Cast Landscape Lighting
1.) Q. What are some of the benefits of adding low voltage landscape lighting to my property?
    A.  Cast lighting systems add beauty, safety and security to you home and landscape.

2.) Q. How does the Cast lighting system electricity usage compare to other 120 volt light systems?
    A. The Cast low voltage lighting systems use 1/3 less electricity.

3.) Q. Will I need an electrician, which can be costly?
    A. If an outdoor outlet is available no electrician is needed.

4.) Q. Is my property going to be damaged during installation?
    A. No, minimal disturbance is needed during installation.  Most of the wiring is installed manually, we
         have the ability to bore under sidewalks and driveways and vibratory plow longer spans.

5.) Q. Can I add onto the lighting system at a later time?
    A. You can always add on but you may have to upgrade your transformer depending on the available
         unused wattage.  If you feel you may add to the system at a later date it is always more cost effective
         to upgrade the transformer during the initial installation.